Kit product overview

The central concept of biocrates’ metabolomics profiling products is providing quantitative, reproducible assays designed in an easy and ready-to-use kit format. Quantitative and quality-controlled methods combined with a standardized format guarantee robust and reproducible results – the cornerstones of any scientific finding.

MxP® Quant 500 XL kit
LC system: UHPLC | Instrument compatibility: SCIEX 7500 | Size: Full kit (80 samples)

The largest combination of lipids and metabolites for targeted metabolic profiling in a single kit.

MxP® Quant 500 kit
LC system: UHPLC | Instrument compatibility: SCIEX 5500 | Size: Full kit (80 samples)

A comprehensive kit solution for standardized and quantitative targeted metabolic profiling.

AbsoluteIDQ® p400 HR kit
LC system: UHPLC | Instrument compatibility: Thermo Q Exactive | Size: Full kit (80 samples)

Ready-to-use, standardized solution for broad lipid and metabolic profiling on Q Exactive™ mass spectrometers.

AbsoluteIDQ® p180 kit
LC system: HPLC | Instrument compatibility: SCIEX 6500+ | Size: Full kit (80 samples)

Our simple and high-throughput metabolomics tool for basic, clinical, and epidemiological research.

AbsoluteIDQ® Bile Acids kit
LC system: UHPLC | Instrument compatibility: SCIEX 6500 | Size: Full kit (80 samples)

Ready-to-use, standardized solution for the quantitation of 20 bile acids by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.

What is in a kit?

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The plate

biocrates’ kits are designed for high throughput experiments in a standard 96 well plate format allowing up to 82 user samples per plate. To accommodate users with smaller sample sizes, half sized and training plates are also available. The plates incorporate a novel insert design allowing all preparation and cleanup to be performed directly on the plate. A top filter plate is incorporated to remove proteins that precipitate during preparation. Our proprietary design allows for more efficient drying and extraction improving the quality of results. At the end of preparation, samples are collected in the bottom 96-well plate which can be run directly in your LC-MS autosampler.


biocrates kits are equipped with all of the required components for a robust, quantitative analysis. For quantification, seven levels of calibration standards and isotope-labeled internal standards are used. For performance validation and data normalization, plasma-based quality control samples at three concentration levels are provided and directly incorporated with our software. All reagents come as lyophilized solids in color-coded vials for quick resuspension and easy preparation.

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Each of our kits has been developed and validated for specific LC-MS systems from a number of vendors. We carefully tailor and optimize each method to provide the best possible performance for every instrument. The kits include all vendor-specific acquisition methods. This includes MRM transitions, ion source parameters and chromatography settings to make setup quick and easy without the need for extensive method development. After data collection, processing methods are also provided to make data processing quick and robust. Data processing and validation are directly incorporated with biocrates’ MetIDQ software.

MetIDQ™ software

Our flagship software, MetIDQ™, was designed to effortlessly organize and process biocrates’ full portfolio of kit products in a unified format. The software guides the kit user from sample registration to data analysis and interpretation through an automated and transparent workflow. As such, MetIDQ™ is an integral and essential component of all our kits.

The latest version of MetIDQ™ also includes MetaboINDICATOR™, an add-on tool designed to calculate metabolite sums and ratios which enables deeper data interpretation. MetIDQ™ also offers a built-in statistical analysis tool with functions best suited for metabolomics datasets.