Accessories overview

Here you find accessories you might need to conduct your successful experiments such as LC-columns, sample preparation kits and metabolomics standards to complement your targeted metabolomics kits.

Setup box - Autosampler calibration

The setup box contains your one-time consumables to get your targeted metabolomics kit running.

Kit columns and precolumns
Product: Column system | Used for following kits: MxP® Quant 500 (XL) | LC system: UHPLC

All columns and precolumns you need to measure biocrates kit products.

Urine extension
Available for following kits: MxP® Quant 500

Quantification components for the analysis of urine samples.

Bile Acids quantification sets
Product: Bile Acids calibrator set

Bile Acids standard materials for absolute quantification of 20 specific bile acids.

Steroid components
Product: AbsoluteIDQ® Steroid calibrators

Steroid calibrators, QCs, internal standards and test mix for absolute quantification of 17 steroid hormones.