AbsoluteIDQ® p180 starter package

Product number: 21643.6
Subscription type
LC system
Instrument compatibility
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Data collection_kreisweiss

Standardized and quantitative

Simple Guided Workflow_Zahnräder

Guided workflow

High Throughput Uhr

High throughput with minimal sample volume

Starter package components

  • Starter kit plate | 10 samples
  • Kit plate | 80 samples
  • p180 HPLC column
  • p180 HPLC precolum
  • p180 HPLC precolumn holder
  • Setup box – Autosampler calibration plate
  • First steps guide
  • WebIDQ | one-year subscription
  • Instrument methods and documents (e.g. user manuals and technical guides)
  • Remote kit installation support, 8 hours included

AbsoluteIDQ® p180 starter package

The starter package contains everything you need for your first kit experience.

The starter kit plate enables first-time users to practice setting up the kit in the lab and get a feel for the workflow using ten samples.

The kit plate enables you to get started with your metabolomics project, analyzing up to 80 study samples.

WebIDQ is biocrates' proprietary workflow software for project design, automated quantification, validation, data normalization and export of your results to various file formats.

The UHPLC column is used for liquid chromatography (LC) part of the kit measurement. To guarantee optimal results, we recommend using these columns - other columns are not supported. The flow-injection-analysis (FIA) part of the kit does not require a column.

An autosampler calibration plate is included so you can adjust your autosampler to the 96-deep well mass spectrometry plate.

Online installation retraining

  • Online kit training, covering workflow guidance for the WebIDQ software and sample/plate preparation.
  • Training on a complete kit workflow, including the laboratory and mass spectrometer system and key features of the WebIDQ software, can be completed in two online sessions.
  • A system suitability test will be used to assess the performance of your liquid chromotography-mass spectometry (LC-MS) platform.
  • A biocrates support specialist will assess the kit's performance and provide you with comprehensive feedback.

Expiration date

  • 6 months after shipping date
    when stored at -20 °C
  • 12 months after shipping date
    when stored at -80 °C

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.